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 Sanitized     Disinfected     Deodorized

We Take The Stink Out Of Your Can


 Sanitized     Disinfected     Deodorized

We Take The Stink Out Of Your Can

  1. Little Elm trash can cleaning service

Trash Can Patrol is a residential and commercial cleaning service for Little Elm, TX.

Are you ready to get that stink out of your can? Cut down on bacteria? Trash Can Patrol can help you with that by offering you clean cans with our hot water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. To keep the cans clean and fresh we come once a month or every 3 months. After we are done cleaning them, we leave a nice deodorizer to help maintain them alone with a fresh new smell.

Here at Trash Can Patrol we don’t expect you to leave your cans out, we will come to get them from your front yard area either by the garage or the side of the house, and put them back. We want to offer easy simple service and don’t mind going the extra mile.

I know you are thinking why can’t I just use a hose? You can but you are not going to kill that dangerous bacteria that will grow and hide. That is where we come into play. We can get rid of all the things that your trash bin might have such as salmonella, listeria, E. Coil, and many more dangerous bacteria.

How It Works

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Select a Plan to Get Started with  Trash Can Patrol

 Choose Monthly Service to Keep Your Cans Smelling Fresh!



Quarterly can cleaning for $ 34.95 for one can and then $10 for each additional can


Billed Quarterly



Monthly  can cleaning $19.95 for one can then $5 each additional can


Billed Quarterly



Bi-Monthly Service 1 can $29.95 2 cans $34.95 or add $5 additional for each can


Billed Quarterly



One-time can cleaning is $59.95 for one can then $15 for each additional can


If you are an HOA looking for can cleaning, please contact us by phone or reach us through our contact page. We can offer discounts for bulk cleaning of trash bins.

All Quarterly services are for a minimum of two visits. If you cancel your services after only one visit you will be charged for a one-time cleaning.

We also offer driveway surface cleaning and power washing for sidewalk and dumpster pads and parking lots. Are you tired of looking at the black dirty and brown spots on the concrete? Call us for a free estimate and get that fresh look back.

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